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Lunch Menu | Noodles
pad thai
rice noodle stir-fried w/chicken, shrimps, egg, turnips, bean sprouts & ground peanuts
$ 7.95
crispy pad thai
same as above except we use crispy egg noodle insteadof rice noodle.
$ 7.95
pad thai with crispy chicken $ 8.95
shrimp pad thai $ 8.95
vegetables pad thai
rice noodle stir-fried with egg, ground peanuts, turnips, and medley of vegetables
$ 7.95
radna noodle
soft large flat noodle stir-fried with your choice of chicken, beef or pork and chinese broccoli in
delicious brown gravy add $1.00 for shrimp or seafood
$ 8.50
pad see ew noodle (dry-fried)
small or large rice noodle stir-fried w/Chinese broccoli, choice of your favorite meat, egg in special dark soy sauce
$ 8.50
drunken noodle hot2
chicken w/chow foon noodle (large flat noodle), assorted vegetables, basil leaves stir-fried in spicy garlic chili sauce
$ 8.50
pad woon sen
bean thread noodle stir-fried with chicken & shrimps, egg, vegetable, cashew nuts & light soy sauce
$ 8.50

choice of noodles = egg noodle, crispy egg noodle, udon, chowfoon, vermicelli, buckwheat, rice noodle
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